27 June 2011

So You Want A Spanking?

Here is a story that involves sexual intimacy. I'm assuming it is a real life story but it could well be a fantasy too. You can make your own mind up.

"So you think you want a spanking, eh?" she said as I stared down at the carpet in front of me.

I was standing in the middle of the room wearing only a pair of briefs holding my box of spanking toys. My penis was already bulging in the briefs and I could feel it begin to swell. I felt ashamed and embarrassed standing there like a little boy, yet the excitement had my skin tingling.

"Well, I just asked you a question. Answer me."

"Yes . . ." I stammered quietly too embarrassed to meet her eyes.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I want a spanking," I whispered, looking up and meeting her eyes then quickly looking back down at the carpet.

She just sat there looking at me. "I¹m not sure you understand what you¹re getting yourself into. You probably think I¹ll give you a few smacks on your ass then let you fuck me. Is that it? That¹s really what your after, isn¹t it? You¹re just a horny little prick that wants to get laid, right?"

I was shocked that she just said that. I didn¹t know what to say and as I attempted to respond nothing came out.

"Answer me!"

Flinching, I took a quick breath, my hands moving to cover my hard on. "I¹m not a prick."

"Well, are you here to get spanked or to get laid?" She waited for my response as I shifted back and forth from one foot to another. "That¹s it ... . Please get out of here," she said.

"Why?" I asked whining.

"Why? Because I¹m tired of asking you questions that you don¹t answer, for one thing. And because I don¹t really want to waste my time. I¹m not in the mood for your stupid games. I smack your ass then I let you fuck me. What¹s in it for me? Forget it. Go jerk off upstairs."

I was crushed and I knew it showed on my face. "Please . . . " I pleaded softly. "Please give me another chance."

She just sat there looking up at me. My head was hung and my penis had gone soft. I felt like a little boy caught in a lie and waiting for the scolding.

"Put your hands at your sides." She said firmly. "From now on you¹ll address me as ŒMa¹am¹. Do you understand?" She asked looking at the outline of my penis and balls against the form-fitting briefs.

"Yes, ma¹am." I said with shame, the excitement building in me again as I felt my penis begin to stir.

"Just because you¹re horny doesn¹t mean I am, you know. Just because you want to get fucked doesn¹t mean you deserve it . . . You say you want a spanking, well I just may decide to give you one after all. Maybe if you¹re good, we¹ll see what else happens, but first I want you to ask me for a spanking. And you better ask nicely or you can forget it . . . you can go upstairs and jerk yourself off thinking about it." She stared into my eyes and looked me up and down pausing to notice my hard on straining through my briefs.

"Please spank me, ma¹am, " I whispered.

"What was that?" she asked, looking away from my bulging penis and into my eyes.

"P-p-please spank me, ma¹am. I need you to spank me." I said a little louder and looking back into her eyes.

She didn¹t respond, letting my plea hang out there unanswered for a few seconds. "Okay, I¹ll agree to spank you, but I¹m warning you . . . this will not be a playful one. I¹m going to spank you hard." She said standing up and circling me, her eyes inspecting me. Her hand reached out and gently stroked my penis and balls straining beneath my briefs. Then she reached out and slapped me hard on the behind. I jumped in surprise and shock. Standing behind me she leaned forward towards my ear, "I¹m not going to fool around anymore. You¹ve asked for a spanking and that is what you¹re going to get, you little prick. Once we start there is no turning back, so this is your last chance to back out. If you decide to stay, understand, you better be ready to do anything and everything I tell you to, not matter what it is, or I¹ll punish you severely. So what¹s it going to be?"

"I. . . I understand, ma¹am. I want to be spanked," I replied nervously, my skin tingling with excitement and fear.

She walked around me, her hand trailing over my body. She reached up and pinched my nipples hard, twisting them before she let go. Placing a chair in front of me she said, "Bend over and grab the sides of the chair."

"Yes, ma¹am." I replied bending over and grasping onto the sides of the chair seat.

"Spread your legs apart." I responded by moving my feet apart, arching my butt into the air towards her. She reached into my box and retrieved the rosewood paddle. I couldn¹t see because I was afraid to look over my shoulder but I heard her run her hand along the smooth surface. I tensed in fear as I knew the paddle would hurt quite a bit and wasn¹t the sort of thing I had been spanked with before without some kind of warm-up. I struggled wanting to ask her to start with something milder but realized this was exactly what she had just warned me about. I had agreed to submit to this spanking as she saw fit and so desired to give me.

Crack! The paddle landed across both my cheeks startling me and stinging like a swarm of hornets. I gasped feeling my knees give out when I felt another stinging blow, this one a little lower. I yelped in pain struggling to regain my balance and fill my lungs with oxygen. She delivered five more blows to my backside, each one hitting a different spot until my whole behind felt inflamed and burned.

"I like the way you take your spanking, prick." She said running her hand over my behind feeling the glowing heat beneath my briefs. She reached between my legs and cupped my balls, giving them a firm squeeze before running her fingers back towards my anus; pausing to gently press against it¹s puckered flesh beneath the fabric of my briefs.

I gasped feeling my knees sag under her touch. "Let¹s pull these down to get a better look at you. Stand up. " As I stood up, she sat down in the chair, my throbbing penis straining against the thin fabric keeping it from her face.

"Hmm . . . You¹re not enjoying this, are you?" she asked sarcastically, eyeing the bulge. She reached up and pulled my briefs down, my hard on springing free of the restraint. She quickly bent me over her lap and delivered ten quick smacks with her bare hand saying, "Next time I ask you a question, I expect a response."

"I¹m sorry, ma¹am, " I gasped. "I¹ll answer whatever you ask. Please give
me a minute, my behind really hurts." I begged. I felt as though my behind
was glowing. The heat from it made my penis stir and swell in arousal.

She spread my legs apart and I felt the cool air on the base of my balls. I was embarrassed by this lack of modesty. If anyone walked up to our house, they would see me lying there over her lap with everything exposed and my behind flaming red. She stroked my balls with her fingers running them up the crack of my behind lightly brushing my anus. My penis throbbed; the different sensations and emotions battling within me ­ embarrassment, shame, pain, arousal, excitement. They flooded within me creating a wave that washed over me.

"My aren¹t we horny. Let¹s see what we can do about that," her tone was mocking with a hint of menace. "Hmm, what do we do with bad boys who get hard from their spankings?" She stroked my erect penis and balls with her fingers. I groaned in response. "I know. I think you deserve a taste of the hairbrush now." She produced the wooden hairbrush and rubbed it over my behind. "For this part of your spanking, I¹m going to give you 100 strokes from the hairbrush. This will hurt and I expect you to stay in place otherwise I will start over from the beginning."

"Ma¹am, please, I don¹t think I can take 100 strokes, " I meekly protested, afraid to anger her.

"Oh yes you will. If you move off my lap or attempt to cover your bottom I¹ll give you 100 more plus 100 with the strap," she warned menacingly as she pinned me between her legs thrusting my behind in the air awaiting her.

I shuddered in fear and anticipation. I could feel my penis pressing against her stocking covered thigh. She was enjoying this, too. I could tell because her panties were damp as they pressed against my left thigh.


I whimpered pitifully, trembling with anticipation.

"Ready?" she asked again, this time more pointedly.

"Yes, ma¹am!" I said quickly.

Immediately she started to spank me. Using good firm swats, she covered every square inch of my helpless bottom, making sure to give the fleshy undersides of my cheeks extra attention. I jumped and squirmed against her smacks. Varying the intensity and speed of the smacks she was able to keep me from settling into a rhythm. She gave 3 hard strokes spaced apart by 4-5 seconds then she gave 6 lighter swats in rapid fire over my entire behind. As I squirmed she grabbed my right wrist and held it against behind my back so I couldn¹t cover up.

I tensed and released in response to her tempo almost like an instrument she played in a symphony. My struggles and cries gave way to acceptance and groans and I felt myself submit to her punishment. My penis raged against her thigh as it rubbed back and forth with each smack. I came close to coming on her thigh but she finished the spanking just short of my release.

She rubbed my behind gently, parting my legs she ran her fingers down to gently squeeze my balls and stroke my penis. "Stand up!" she said pushing me off her lap.

As I stood in front of her, my penis was inches from her mouth. It strained to reach her lips and her warm tongue. "Are you still horny?" she questioned, her hot breathe on my penis.

"Yes, ma¹am!" I replied with a degree of shame and excitement, unable to meet her eyes.

"And do you want something?"

"Yes, ma¹am . . . . .I want to fuck you. Please let me fuck you!" I begged.

"I don¹t think you were good enough to deserve that, " she said quietly. "I want you to get on your knees and thank me for your spanking instead. And when I come, I want you to lick my pussy clean. . . "

She paused for a few seconds as her order sunk in.

"Do it now, prick!"

Instantly I dropped to my knees and leaned forward, gently pulling her moist panties off. I could smell the musky aroma of her wet pussy, the smell intoxicating. Without hesitation, I leaned forward and kissed the inside of her thigh, running my tongue towards her moist warmth. I drew in her aroma deeply as it made me light-headed, then I dove in lapping her sweet juices as they filled my mouth.

She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy. I was in heaven. I felt her body tense and I knew she was close to coming. After a few moments she grasped a handful of my hair in each hand as she screamed,

"I¹m coming. Eat my pussy!" Her juices flooded out and I eagerly swallowed them up, attentively lapping at her wonderful flavor, making sure to clean the sticky mess from her beautiful pussy.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, lost in time, oblivious to anything else
but the orgasm wave that washed over her and engulfed her . . . me gently
lapping at her wonderful pussy, savoring the taste of her pleasure.

After a few minutes she regained her senses and opened her eyes. She let go of my hair and I gently lifted my head from her wet pussy. She looked at me, her eyes full of content and satisfaction. She glanced down at my erect penis straining from the excitement.

"That was very good, prick. I liked it a lot, " she said softly. "Are you still horny?"

"Yes, ma¹am!" I whispered desperately.

"And what do you want?" she asked.

"I want you to make me come. Please make me come!" I gasped.

"Stand up, "she ordered.

Immediately, I complied, holding my arms at my sides. It was awkward standing in front of her aroused as I was; I couldn¹t look into her eyes.

"Make yourself come while I watch, " she instructed. "I want to see you

"No. . . Please!" I begged, briefly looking up into her eyes. "I . . .I
can¹t. Please!"

She gazed up at me and waited a few seconds before responding. "Do I have
to spank you again?" She quietly asked staring into my eyes.

"No, ma¹am. I¹ll do as you ask," I whispered, grasping my penis with my left hand and closing my eyes tightly. I gently stroked, varying my grasp and the placement of my hand on my penis. I opened my eyes to see her staring at me, enjoying the show. She wore a devilish smirk on her face as her hand gently crept down to her pussy and lightly caressed herself. I felt the pressure build deep within me and I breathed in deeply.

"Mmmmmmmm," I groaned softly increasing the intensity of my stroking.

"Are you going to come?" she asked.

"Yes, ma¹am! I¹m going to come, " I responded desperately.

"I want you to come into my hand and don¹t waste a drop or I will punish you severely for wasting my gift," she demanded. She reached out and placed her cupped hands in front of my penis. I grunted and bucked as I felt my knees give way under me. My hot cum burned as it spurted out the tip of my penis. I desperately struggled to maintain control of my senses so I did not miss her hands and waste any of my cum. It pooled in her cupped hands as I spasmed from my orgasm.

She took her finger and wiped the tip of my penis, collecting a drop of cum on her fingertip. "Mmmmmm, " she said. "Such a nice gift," she said as she sucked the drop from her fingertip and looked up at me.

"Come here," she said, motioning me down towards her seated in the chair. "Are you still horny?"

I knelt in front of her and looked into her eyes, "No, ma¹am." I responded. "Thank you!"

"Well, there still is one thing I want you to do."

"Yes, ma¹am! Anything you wish, ma¹am." I responded.

"Good, " she said as she leaned back into the chair. She brought her cupped hands filled with my cum to her pussy and wiped them clean, spreading my cum on her pussy, her pussy hair, and the inside of her legs.

"I want you to clean me off, my little prick," she ordered. "Clean every drop off with your tongue. If you miss any I¹ll bend you over the couch and take the strap to your ass!"

I looked at her and down at her pussy all sticky from my cum. I was embarrassed and humiliated to be licking my own cum off of her, but I also wanted to please her. I wanted to serve her and bring her pleasure. I remembered my agreement to do what she asked. Clearly now, my humiliation brought her pleasure; it brought me pleasure and excitement, too. I felt my body abuzz with electricity. I looked into her eyes and leaned forward to clean the sticky, salty mess from her.

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